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Welcome to the Scottish Tech Club mentorship page! If you’d like to speak with any of our mentors either make a booking through their calendar link, or reach out to us with a bit about yourself, the area you’re looking to discuss, and who you’d like to have a chat with.

Here is Victoria to explain how the programme works:

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Jamie McHale

Jamie is the organiser and host of the EdinburghJS and GlasgowJS meetups. He provides mentoring on working as a freelancer and JavaScript.

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Daniel Roe

Daniel leads the Nuxt core team - previously CTO of SaaS startup and founder of a creative agency focusing on clarity of vision and message. His open-source work has a focus in the Vue.js and Nuxt ecosystems and he's involved in consultancy with companies around the world, particularly around JAMstack, serverless and software architecture. He's based in Edinburgh where he lives with his family and cat.

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Victoria Lampard

Victoria organises the Scottish Technology Club mentoring programme, and is a front end developer happy to talk about career switching and the first steps in a new career.

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Kelsie Murphy

My name is Kelsie and I switched careers from teaching music in secondary schools, to full-stack software engineering, getting my first role in the industry 1 year ago. I am passionate about sustainability and green practices, frontend development, UI/UX and building fun personal projects to showcase on the CV! If you have any questions for me, i'm more than happy to chat. My GitHub is

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David wood

I'm CTO + co-founder of an early stage b2c consumer AI startup (Moonsift). We've built an AI platform to deliver taste-based recommendations to 100k+ users and raised investment from VCs in the UK and US. My background is in Academia (Computational Neuroscience). I'm happy to talk about fundraising, tech stacks, marketing, hiring and more with Scotland-based founders or potential founders.

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Amandine Eap

I started as a self-taught developer learning from my teenage bedroom. I then took on a variety of projects over the years and ended up turning this hobby into a career. I did eventually go to university to concentrate on it full time, studying a Computing Web Systems Development degree and have been working as a Fullstack and Frontend developer for a range of companies (freelance, agencies, product…) ever since. When not working, I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my dog Gunner... having grown up in a big city and now able to take the full advantage of what Edinburgh & Scotland has to offer on the doorstep! Renewed and recent interests include Weight training, Guitar, Reading, Photography, Writing, Illustration to name a few!

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James Stewart

I switched careers from politics to programming in 2017 via CodeClan, and I'm now a Lead Engineer for EvaluAgent, managing a team of 5 developers. I specialise in Laravel, Vue and SQL, and i'm really passionate about getting junior developers into work. I usually have one long-term mentee on the go, but I'm happy to give advice and help wherever possible.

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Jamie Peutherer

Hello! I'm Jamie; I'm a software engineer based in Glasgow and currently working at the BBC. I made the career-change from Digital Marketing (SEO) to web dev in 2022 and never looked back. I'm a full-stack developer but lean slightly more towards the front-end. Tech I use in my day job, and that I'm happy to chat about, includes: HTML/CSS/SASS/JS, React, Jest/React Testing Library, NodeJS, Scala, REST / GraphQL APIs, AWS (API Gateways, Lambdas, SQS, SNS, etc) I've varying levels of experience around all these technologies so certainly not an expert in all of them! Also open to chatting about self-teaching, breaking into the industry, and getting to grips working a company dev role.

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Allan Lloyds

Allan runs a livestreaming business, so can help organisers understand how to reach new audiences online.

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Ian T Price

An experienced Senior DevOps Engineer with over 35 years of expertise in cloud engineering, serverless architectures, and Linux system administration. I major in developing Infrastructure-as-Code using Terraform, Ansible, Python, and Javascript full stack development. Recent cloud-based projects include rewriting a .NET application into a serverless website using AWS services like Lambda, DynamoDB, and API Gateway. I have automated AWS security controls for Santander, leveraging services such as Aurora, ECS, and Kinesis. I am proficient in full-stack development with Node.js and React, and have a strong background in CI/CD pipelines

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Ljupche Vasliev

My name is Ljupche and I am a Senior Software Engineer. I worked as a Wordpress Developer initially, but in the last 3 years started working with NodeJS and ReactJS. That being said I can discuss and (hopefully) help with a few different topics when it comes to web development, mainly relating to: NodeJS/ReactJS, AWS, Micro-services, Unit/automation testing, REST or GraphQL APIs, Gitlab pipelines, Wordpress or laravel although I haven't used them in the last 3+ years. I could also provide any feedback or advice on career paths, or mainly share my journey and the mistakes I have made.

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