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Bulletin 2024 Week 8

Monday February 19th, 2024

Lots of events coming up this week - and a few bits and pieces around the web from the scottish technology community. Rory Gianni has started an Instagram page for his project. Glenn Jones made notes on Conversational Design by Erika Hall. The Scottish Games Network posted Happy Birthday to Lemmings (made in Dundee!). The Data Lab posted “How to master technical interview questions in data and AI” on YouTube. Daniel Roe streamed and posted “Using defineProps with TypeScript”, and “Building with EdgeDB”. I posted about the GlasgowJS meetup.

I missed it at the time, but Filament STAC announced Stacjobs, a talent/jobs platform for building “things” (IoT, medtech, wearables, robotics, etc).

I’ll be hosting EdinburghJS this week: two talk and refreshments provided by KPV Lab and McGregor Boyall (thank you for the sponsorship!).

If I am missing anything then please do let me know!

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