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Bulletin 2024 Week 21

Monday May 20th, 2024

Last week was Glasgow Tech Week. It was great to see lots of folks out at the Tectonic evening. There is a good energy in the Glasgow tech community at the moment, and I hope it stays and spreads.

Glasgow launched their Tech Ecosystem Report, which you can download on Dealroom. I had a quote in the report, one of the key parts is:

I think the key thing for me in developing the community is promoting the idea that small investments by local businesses can help create a talent pool that drives us all forward, ensuring that new developers have relevant skills and matching talent to where it can best be used.

I’d love to be able to raise some funds to support both GlasgowJS, EdinburghJS and other community groups in the medium-long term. This might be a few thousand pounds here or there to pay for catering or livestreaming. If you’d like to help me do that then please do get in touch.

In other content, Jon Minton posted about using Quarto on his blog. Come and see Jon and several other speakers at the EdinburghJS Community Evening on Tuesday. UX Edinburgh livestreamed their Global Accessibility Day meetup with talks from Rashmi Kakde and Duncan Stephen. Ljupche posted about RBAC in NextJS App Router. Tech For Good Summit posted talks on Impact Assessment and Charity Experience of Implementing Digital Solutions.

Andrew Blair is looking for help testing another Android app he is building. Get in touch via LinkedIn or via the club Discord.

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